Founded by leaders of the Niederst Family Office and Nvision Development Management Services, our team offers investors decades of multifamily development, investment and management expertise. We have overseen the development of $2 billion in assets, managed 15,000 units, and raised $400 million in direct investment capital over the past 27 years.

Rooted in Family History

Originally finding success as The Niederst Family Office in Northeast Ohio and Michigan, we acquired Class C deferred maintenance, value-add properties from 2003 to 2015, managing more than 10,000 multifamily units at our peak. We zeroed in on Florida as an opportunity for expansion due to changing population trends, pivoting to Class A new construction to capitalize on favorable land and construction costs. Since 2015, we’ve completed five projects, dwarfing returns on our early value-add successes, and we currently have multiple projects under development.

Multifamily Investment Strategy

Nied Capital’s multifamily investment strategy leverages our track record of solid returns through an industry-leading, vertically integrated development approach leveraging our team members from Nvision Development Services, WPC Ventures, Nvision Construction and NM Residential. In order to succeed, we gain key insights, input and buy-in from all stakeholders, developing a plan that makes sense. From idea to completion, we ensure each project is consistent and accepted by the local community, creating a place people want to live and visit.

Nied Capital’s investments focus on ground equity, bridge debt and replacement financing into cash-flowing assets, projects under development and projects in planning phase. Our management team believes we will deliver in excess of 12% net IRR to investors.

Investor, Owner, Operator

Collectively, Nied Capital’s management team has developed close to $2 billion in projects, managed more than 15,000 units and put over $1 billion of debt and equity on projects worth more than $1 billion, creating $500 million in value in five years.

Asset Management

Nied Capital’s leadership extends into the development and property management companies, where they lead their respective teams to develop strategic plans throughout the asset lifecycle, maximizing investor returns. 

Investment Management

Michael Niederst

Michael Niederst

Managing Partner, Nied Capital
CEO, NM Residential
Partner and COO, Nvision Development

Michael has been in the multifamily management industry since 2003 and has acquired, owned, repositioned and operated family assets including more than 15,000 units in Ohio, Michigan and Florida. In 2015, he moved to Florida and ventured into new development.  As of January 2022, he has successfully put debt and equity funding (commitments and closing) over $1 billion for 12 current and completed projects, that have a current value of over $1 billion, creating $500 million in value in over five years.


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